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Attempt at Red Velvet Cake - Slice




… You probably knew it, but I most certainly did not….


Freshly-made raspberry syrup, no matter how intensely burgundy, cannot color the made-from-scratch mixture for a red velvet cake. Instead, it can thoroughly and completely and absolutely destroy the expected texture of the final product…



On the positive side, this was my first attempt at fondant roses, without any tools whatsoever – not even a tear-drop cutter, and with only the invaluable instructions on the subject found online. So… results were questionable at best… I will try to make red velvet cake again, but I wish there was something else instead of food dye to make it red… I have no problem coloring fondant and putting it over a completed cake – but then again, I don’t eat that, my boys don’t eat that, and my guests are encouraged to dump it if they feel uncomfortable with the chemistry involved. Hubby on the other hand has no issues munching on things the color of the rainbow, plus black… but then again he drank Diet Coke for most of his life, thankfully he has now given up that universal cleaning solution …  Red velvet cake attempt, anyone?   

Attempt at Red Velvet Cake  


Note: While back-dated to September – when the cake was made – this post was actually written in November, after I decided to offload into cyberspace my newly-discovered obsession with cakes…

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