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The type of cake I never thought I’d make… But then I volunteered for the smash cake for a friend’s son’s birthday before knowing the theme, so here comes a sports cake! Wasn’t sure how ‘smashable’ fondant would be, so I made an extra cupcake in buttercream only, but smashed by the little guy that big ball was!

Used Wilton’s ball pan set, with my most favorite wet towel strips wrapped around each pan, resulting in two perfectly leveled, evenly baked half-spheres! (My two previous Wilton ball pan attempts have been disastrous, as without the strips cake bakes to a crisp on the edges while the middle is still wet and mushy.)

Dr. Oetker organic chocolate cake mix with chocolate buttercream (melted Belgian chocolate with 54% cocoa content, organic unsalted butter, Ghirardelli chocolate power, a touch of powder sugar and organic heavy cream) in 8 tortes — birthday boy, I was told, was very fond of chocolate! That fairly small cake took 1lb of butter for filling and frosting…

The baseball had some unintended but very realistic texture… I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to smooth fondant over a sphere, so to prevent overstretching, cracking and tearing,  I rolled the fondant (Choco-pan) on a thin piece of plastic (in retrospect, I don’t think I would have been able to do it otherwise, the shape is very tricky…).  Then, I flopped the fondant, with the plastic, over the sphere and proceeded to smooth it on, still without removing the plastic. It resulted in tiny, little, uniformly shaped, very shallow indents/folds, all around the ball – just like leather! “Stitching” those baseballs was very time consuming as I rolled fondant very thin and cut it in tiny little pieces for each stitch… I’m pretty exited about how the cake ended up, considering I’ve never seen a baseball up-close and personal… Giants logo was free-handed on fondant. My Halloween serving plates ended up the perfect match!

Oh, and The Statement of The Party – according to birthday boy’s mom:
I don’t want that one because it has chemicals in it” – my 4 1/2 year-old precious exclaimed, rightfully refusing a bottle of flavored water! My friend shrugged to the greatly amused crowd: “His parents are vegetarian.” – and understanding nods followed… Should we be afraid of creating a monster or give ourselves a deserved pat on the back for raising such a reasonable offspring?! 🙂 



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Suitcase and Purse Collage


The going away party cake…

Purse is 8” chocolate cake, cut in half, then each torted in 3, with dark chocolate mousse w/ morello cherries, with their syrup soaking the cake layers.

Suitcase is 9×13” Garash torte, 6 batches of the recipe for this size – only ahm…36 eggs and 2lb of butter among other things…

Leather effects are done with a stonewall roller and marbling.

I had a blast with the details on this one…



A couple of people on a cake decorating forum that I frequent asked me about different details of this cake, so I ended up writing up a few paragraphs, figured I may as well post them here, since I have been very word-less lately…


About the Purse cake:


It is a generic 8” round, about 2-1/2” thick, came out of the oven completely nice and level because of the baking strips (a.k.a. wet kitchen towel) that I’ve gotten into the habit of using. Mousse is like any other run-of-the-mill version – milk, heavy crème, cocoa, powdered sugar, some dark chocolate blocks and a left over small box of Nestle’s dark chocolate mousse mix (never using that stuff again, I finally read the contents and it has gelatin in it!).


I used the word “soaked” to describe the syruping of the cake layers, but that’s probably a little too strong of a word… In the jar of sour cherry preserve there was about a cup of juice, and it is very heavily sugared, so its not super runny like water. Each of the six 1/2 tortes got about 3-4 tbsp of it, and the cherry fruit were mixed in the mousse…


This “soaking” word created some questions about how the moisture of the cake is kept from ruining the fondant. So… here’s some process guaranteed to avoid wet fondant… What I do is assemble the cake, including a very thin crumb-coat of the leftover filling (yesss, the milk-and-crème-based mousse!) all the way around (cake was lying on its side, not standing up like the completed purse) and let it set well in the fridge for a few hours – this one was left overnight. Then, I made very simple buttercream from two sticks of butter whipped with a very generous amount of Ghirardelli chocolate powder (the kind used to make hot chocolate), dissolved in 2-3 spoons of heated heavy crème (so the cocoa and sugar crystals from it are not grainy in the buttercream), and I just kept adding until it tasted like rich chocolate, nothing like butter. Then I GENEROUSLY coated the now solidified, already standing up cake with it, so butter was all around everything, cake, mousse, and all. In the freezer for a couple of minutes only to set the butter fast but not affect the cake or filling, then back in the fridge for an hour or so again while I got my decorating stuff ready. As a result, fondant only touches buttercream, no cake layers and no mousse — nope, didn’t even do a dam on this one — everything is completely sealed by the butter. I’ve learned my lesson with wet fondant after my first fondant cake (the Baby Buggy), in which I slapped fondant all over pastry crème filling and coating – in the morning, I had a wet, sticky, runny mess dripping all over my fridge. Scrape all off and repeat!…


About the Suitcase ‘Garash’ Torte:


Yup, I did use a roller that is called ‘cobblestone’ (sorry, not ‘stonewall’) for a leather effect. It’s a tiny 2” thing that I got when I was making BloodRayne’s Fortess, but hey, it worked quite well, if I say so myself…


And yes, everything is edible, buckles and all, fondant with a touch of gum paste, though I wish I hadn’t used the gum paste as it ends up very fragile when dry. In retrospect, the amount of time I spent to make the studded holes in the belts is a touch on the ridiculous side, yet I enjoyed the process – I’m sure there’s some tool for it on some website but I just used a straw to cut the holes, and wiggled it around to widen it a bit, then rolled super thin rope and looped it around a wooden dowel to form a ring. While still soft and on the dowel, into the belt hole it went, some more wiggling and adjusting to set nicely, and by the third, I had figured the process out, but the first one is really bad…


The layers in the pictured slice are not in fact cut ( or ‘torted’ from a thick cake like the Purse cake), they are baked individually. The suitcase is made out of 2 separate tiers on top of each other (you can sort of see that in the pic, the way the fondant folds inwards in the middle around the cake board of the top tier). Each tier was made of 6 layers of cake – though I don’t know if “cake” is the right word to use in this context – the layer is just is just egg whites, walnuts and powdered sugar. Each layer was baked individually on wax paper, takes only about 11 minutes, like a cookie. The filling is made of the egg yolks, cooked on low heat with some heavy cream mixing constantly (even though my recipe calls for only 2/3 of the egg yolks, and whips them to the butter raw – yuk! – I cannot fathom eating, let alone feed to other people, especially to kids, raw eggs under any circumstances!), then sugar and unsweetened cocoa is added until all is nice and smooth, and the pudding-like mixture is taken of the heat and whipped cool before adding the butter. I actually had a large semi-sweet chocolate block I needed to use up, so I tossed it into with the cocoa and sugar – just like butter, chocolate can’t hurt the chocolate filling. 🙂


Garsh Torte is insanely rich, one can only eat a small slice… In my opinion, it is best served when it has had a chance to adjust to room temperature, though people are used to eating it right out of the fridge… Ok, now it’s time for some leftover cake!  


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Little pirate cake!

Pirate Cake


For some reason I absolutely love this cake… It was very fast and easy to decorate, I actually copied someone else’s design, because I thought it looked adorable… Made for a little 7-year old pirate – there is a an inquisitive picture of him poking away at the eye patch at the party – boys!  🙂

8” round, 3” thick cake, baked in a Pirex container (honestly I just wanted to experiment the difference in baking between the glass and my regular cake tins). Chocolate cake, with chocolate pastry crème filling and Ghirardelli chocolate buttercream frosting, all covered in fondant.

I’d make it again in a heartbeat!

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Camera Cake

Black Camera Cake

A picture-taking freak myself (read 1,200 pics from a week in Rome) I’ve been dying to make a camera cake! Made for a friend’s b-day, who’s just as camera-crazy. 11″x15″ sheet, cut in 4 stripes, 3 stacked for the body, last cut into rounds for lenses and a standing battery compartment. Marble cake, filled w/ vanilla pastry creme, frosted w/ mocha SMBC and covered in SatinIce. I could have been more elaborate in the look-alikeness to the actual model, but I only had a couple of hours to play with it…

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The Barbapapa Family

The Barbapapa Family

For my younger son’s second b-day. I grew up with the books, and recently came upon a very pirated, terribly dubbed DVD set with some 35 episodes. Now our little guy loves the colorful blobs! Vanilla cake w/ pastry crème and fresh strawberries submerged in it, a 1/2″ dam of cake, and SMBC frosting, piled up for the 3-1/2″ height. As precarious as it may seem on a 3-tier 12-10-8”, it was very stable, just extremely heavy. B-day boy was sooo excited, later the kids played with the still-soft fondant blobs…

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30+1 Plumeria Blossoms Cake

 For the 30-th birthday of a good friend. Inspired by a cake by ‘rittenhouse’. My first attempt at gum paste and painting on edibles, took about 4 hours and several “drafts”… Petals are scored with a wood grain roller for texture. The flowers turned out fine, but they don’t look like plumeria, color ended up too intense and the mini-muffin pan where they dried closed them up too much… 10” chocolate cake in 4 tortes, with 2 baskets of fresh strawberries and whipped chocolate ganache filling and SMBC frosting.

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Bodice - The Under-Decorated Cakes



Made for the double-birthday of two friends, one of them a underwear designer, with a special request for the design. I’ve been wanting to make a risqué cake for a while, and I had some different, quite elaborate, plans sketched… Well…I was super busy at work the whole week prior to the party, on top of that kiddos picked up some flu bug and were a little challenging to say the least… I baked and filled at the last minute, and had no time to properly decorate the masterpieces, soooo disappointing… I didn’t even make it to the party :-(… I guess I just have to do another set of naughty cakes… I heard cakes were well received with the only issue of where exactly to place the candles :-)…

Bodice cake is chocolate with Kahlua and hazelnuts ganache.

Boxers cake is vanilla with caramelized bananas and pastry crème.


Boxers - The Under-Decorated Cakes

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