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Baby Shower Onesie Cake


This Onesie® cake (yes, Gerber has a claim on the trademark even though it is a widely accepted generalized term) was for the surprise baby shower of a good friend. Unsuspecting, my friend thought she was coming over for some afternoon coffee, which we had almost made into a Thursday tradition this summer, only to be greeted by a bunch of girlfriends with 24-carat smiles, pink balloons and a pile of pink, heavily-ribboned  gift boxes.  About the onesie… I had seen a similar cake online, just decorated in buttercream instead of fondant. It is my favorite flourless Walnut Cake recipe, with cocoa meringue buttercream from the 1962 book… It is shaped from a 6-layer 9”x13” sheet cake, with the sleeves coming from the triangular cutouts at the bottom.  Hm…  cocoa meringue buttercream… I never know how to refer to this filling… “Meringue” is not exactly correct, as it uses whole eggs (not just the whites), which are mixed with sugar and boiled over low heat with constant beating (so you end up with a fluffy custard-like texture, and not scrambled eggs), then cooled off, again while beating constantly, and lastly, the already creamed butter with powdered sugar, cocoa and rum (and/or vanilla) is gradually added to the egg mixture. Yum!!!  The recipe calls for syrup, made of equal amounts of sugar and water, with the heavy addition of rum (which was used very sparingly in this case) to moisten and flavor the walnut cake layers.

Baby Girl Shower, Onesie Cake


Note: While back-dated to August – when the cake was made – this post was actually written in November, after I decided to offload into cyberspace my newly-discovered obsession with cakes…

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