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Baby Buggy Cake


In a way, the Flowers cake was a practice run – even though both cakes were made simultaneously in the same stretch of two days – for the Baby Buggy cake for the baby shower of another good friend. I had seen several pictures of buggy cakes online and I was looking for an excuse to make one. 


The large 12” cake is everyone’s favorite “Death by Chocolate”, and the two 6” wheels are vanilla cake with vanilla cream. Did those create some trouble!!!  


Stating that I had never worked with fondant before and I dislike freezing cakes for the sole purpose of easy decorating, I was set for a disaster.  


The decorating process was moving smoothly into the wee hours of the night, no major setbacks – except I had to learn the hard way that when directions say “roll thick”, I need to roll thick. Having come from the schooling of making paper-thin fillo dough sheets (not that I have ever had the time to do that in real life), and in general conditioned to think that thin is always better than thick (1/4” cake layer is better than 1/2″ cake layer, and 3/4″ cake layer is plain unacceptable; crapes are better than pancake, and so on), I went for rolling the fondant thin – *now* I know that it works with Choco-Pan, but for the plain ol’ Wilton, that was a recipe for failure.  


Without going into too much detail, and in retrospect feeling terribly sorry for not having woken up my husband to take pictures of the process (no way I could have touched a camera, I was rushing the cake in and out of its plastic cover, in and out of the refrigerator, to make sure the fondant cooled off to set as fast as I possibly could – silly, silly, inexperienced me, just making error after error!) I can safely say that eventually all cake pieces – body, wheels, handlebar and all – were semi-successfully covered in fondant, with at least the tops perfectly smooth. Someone should have told me that each cake needs to be on a cake board, it would have made my life sooo much easier…) I cut several dozens of flowers in yellow, pink and pastel green – no yellows and greens on this cake, you say? …Hm…Cake was safely in the fridge, my eyes were drooping heavily, but I was determined to finish the masterpiece before dawn or I would turn into a pumpkin… Placing the flowers on the cake was a breeze – the fondant was wet, from having been refrigerated under cover, but I thought that was good – they stuck like magnets. Didn’t even had a chance to take a picture of the complete buggy – shove it back in the fridge and went to sleep with a content grin.  


And in the morning… Oh, in the morning… The milk-based vanilla cream from the wheels had literally dissolved the fondant over them. Somebody should have told me to pipe buttercream on the sides of the cake layers first, so cream wouldn’t ooze out… Somebody should have also told me to never cover a cake in anything milk-based, should fondant be applied on top.  


I fought back tears, but unfortunately it didn’t occur to me to grab the camera and document the destruction.… I took a deep breath and, going into a Bob the Builder mode – Can we fix it? Yes we can! – I  scraped off the melted fondant from the entire cake, as  the devastation had spread where the wheels touched the body of the buggy, reshaped it as needed, and, out of pure luck – and lack of time – I simply creamed butter and powered sugar in an attempt to seal as much of the filling off as possible, put back the cake in the fridge and ran to Michale’s for more fondant. Of course, hubby had a demo or an expo or something otherwise important coming up and was at work, so I had to have the little thunder gods in tow, cranky and tired by the time we reached The Promised Fondant…. Because – or rather, another “of course” here – buying fondant had to take over two hours, as the two closest stores didn’t have any of the 5-lb boxes, anything smaller than that was plain useless for me… Store number three was a winner, as confirmed on the phone. And thankfully, the baby shower was on Sunday, while this was only Saturday early afternoon.  


The decorating process was repeated that evening. My friend stayed over, after getting hubby and baby to sleep back home, to “watch and learn” the process, she did help cutting out the flowers and I certainly felt good having some moral support at 3am.  


I was scared to peak into the cake the next morning… When I braved under the plastic cover, the cake had successfully survived the night and was ready to be admired upon.  The mom-to-be loved it, and apparently it was a subject of talks for days to come.



Baby Buggy Cake


Note: While back-dated to August – when the cake was made – this post was actually written in November, after I decided to offload into cyberspace my newly-discovered obsession with cakes…

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