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BloodRayne 2 Fortress Cake

Happy Birthday, Precious!  

Layers of double entendre for anyone who’s known my husband long enough…

The fortress is “death by chocolate”, built of 14 layers (two 4-layer cakes for the bottom and a 6-layer top), filled with chocolate raspberry Chambord ganache, and covered with chocolate fondant (I vaguely follow this recipe which I’ve made at least a dozen times now with some modifications – such as using unsweetened cocoa instead of coffee (unpopular with 2- to 4-year olds), skipping the cinnamon and allspice, using raspberry extract instead of vanilla and lastly always, always doubling the amount of raspberries and chocolate per batch. When time is pressing, and I need to resort to cheating, I use organic chocolate cake mixes from Whole Foods (oups, I should not have said that – no one has ever caught the difference…) and still fill it with the chocolate raspberry ganache awesomeness from scratch…) Gargoyles and doll are not edible. For the latter, credit goes to an amazing doll artist by the name of Eliza, who fashioned a good old Barbie into the sexy dampire. I had planned for eight towers on all sides of the fortress (two stacked up bottom-to-bottom ice cream cones covered in fondant) and a lot more detail on the cake overall, but I ended up making it in a hurry…  

The week before, we were not even sure if there was going to be a party – we live less than 2 miles away from one of the SoCal fires, it was raging on the edge of the neighborhood… Thankfully the firefighters were able to keep it on the empty hill side of the road, but we kept breathing smoke and ashes through the week, checking in with friends and following the updates – right now it’s at 75% contained… Amazingly, everyone we know was fortunate to have been away from the path of the fire, so we decided to have the party after all – just things were done with a lot less prep than I would have liked… The party was joyous, lots of friends showed up, most everyone was in costume (pirates were popular), plus a dozen more kids, who had a free reign of the house, munchies and drinks were devoured, people felt good about eating by dancing it all off afterwards…  Now the cats are still playing with feathers from some fluffy boas in three different colors through the house…

But the cake, oh, the cake… I tortured our guests to wait… and wait… and wait some more after the grand unveiling. You know, there is this rule for ganache cakes to be left at room temperature for an hour, sometimes longer, for the chocolate to soften to a heavy mousse-like state and reach their optimal consistency… Special thanks to a friend of ours, who took on the role of DJ, bringing in his unique selection of irresistible body twisting, shaking, and jumping rhythms, who managed to keep the crowd well entertained, otherwise there would have been a riot and the fortress might have been overtaken…

BloodRayne Cake Colage

BloodRayne 2 Cake


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