Camera Cake

Black Camera Cake

A picture-taking freak myself (read 1,200 pics from a week in Rome) I’ve been dying to make a camera cake! Made for a friend’s b-day, who’s just as camera-crazy. 11″x15″ sheet, cut in 4 stripes, 3 stacked for the body, last cut into rounds for lenses and a standing battery compartment. Marble cake, filled w/ vanilla pastry creme, frosted w/ mocha SMBC and covered in SatinIce. I could have been more elaborate in the look-alikeness to the actual model, but I only had a couple of hours to play with it…


The Barbapapa Family

The Barbapapa Family

For my younger son’s second b-day. I grew up with the books, and recently came upon a very pirated, terribly dubbed DVD set with some 35 episodes. Now our little guy loves the colorful blobs! Vanilla cake w/ pastry crème and fresh strawberries submerged in it, a 1/2″ dam of cake, and SMBC frosting, piled up for the 3-1/2″ height. As precarious as it may seem on a 3-tier 12-10-8”, it was very stable, just extremely heavy. B-day boy was sooo excited, later the kids played with the still-soft fondant blobs…

30+1 Plumeria Blossoms

30+1 Plumeria Blossoms Cake

 For the 30-th birthday of a good friend. Inspired by a cake by ‘rittenhouse’. My first attempt at gum paste and painting on edibles, took about 4 hours and several “drafts”… Petals are scored with a wood grain roller for texture. The flowers turned out fine, but they don’t look like plumeria, color ended up too intense and the mini-muffin pan where they dried closed them up too much… 10” chocolate cake in 4 tortes, with 2 baskets of fresh strawberries and whipped chocolate ganache filling and SMBC frosting.

Bodice - The Under-Decorated Cakes



Made for the double-birthday of two friends, one of them a underwear designer, with a special request for the design. I’ve been wanting to make a risqué cake for a while, and I had some different, quite elaborate, plans sketched… Well…I was super busy at work the whole week prior to the party, on top of that kiddos picked up some flu bug and were a little challenging to say the least… I baked and filled at the last minute, and had no time to properly decorate the masterpieces, soooo disappointing… I didn’t even make it to the party :-(… I guess I just have to do another set of naughty cakes… I heard cakes were well received with the only issue of where exactly to place the candles :-)…

Bodice cake is chocolate with Kahlua and hazelnuts ganache.

Boxers cake is vanilla with caramelized bananas and pastry crème.


Boxers - The Under-Decorated Cakes

Isabella’s Barbie

 My interpretation of a Barbie… Chocolate with home-made raspberry syrup and dark chocolate ganache for all tiers but the bottom – roasted hazelnut ganache with Kahlua. All are 2”, torted in 3 layers, for a finished height of 3”; 12-10-8-6-4-inch rounds for a party of 35-40 people – only the secret spiked bottom tier remained 5 minutes after slicing the cake – everything else was devoured!!! Used 4lb of dark chocolate… The smash cake is scratch organic vanilla sponge with Mascarpone filling and frosting.

Cups of Coffee

 Made for my mom and a good friend of ours, who has the same name. We were invited over to celebrate their name day together, so I figured two cakes were in order. One is Garash Torte, the other is our staple flourless walnut with a combination of pastry cream and SMBC. I had left over fondant in those colors so my goal was to just use it up….

Cheerful Topsy-Turvy for Mom

 My very own, very first topsy-turvy cake for my mom’s birthday today. She said she wanted nothing wintery, instead something cheerful and bright… Cake is my (her!) staple flourless walnut in 12 tortes for top and 4 for bottom, with rum simple syrup; filling is similar to chocolate SMBC, but with egg yolks instead of whites – is there a name for it?… The perfect cake to decorate – butter holds it solid and it can be carved and handled easily, yet it is super moist when served… Bad lighting, it was 3am…

 Cheerful Topsy-Turvy for Mom Collage