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Isabella’s Barbie

 My interpretation of a Barbie… Chocolate with home-made raspberry syrup and dark chocolate ganache for all tiers but the bottom – roasted hazelnut ganache with Kahlua. All are 2”, torted in 3 layers, for a finished height of 3”; 12-10-8-6-4-inch rounds for a party of 35-40 people – only the secret spiked bottom tier remained 5 minutes after slicing the cake – everything else was devoured!!! Used 4lb of dark chocolate… The smash cake is scratch organic vanilla sponge with Mascarpone filling and frosting.

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Cups of Coffee

 Made for my mom and a good friend of ours, who has the same name. We were invited over to celebrate their name day together, so I figured two cakes were in order. One is Garash Torte, the other is our staple flourless walnut with a combination of pastry cream and SMBC. I had left over fondant in those colors so my goal was to just use it up….

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Cheerful Topsy-Turvy for Mom

 My very own, very first topsy-turvy cake for my mom’s birthday today. She said she wanted nothing wintery, instead something cheerful and bright… Cake is my (her!) staple flourless walnut in 12 tortes for top and 4 for bottom, with rum simple syrup; filling is similar to chocolate SMBC, but with egg yolks instead of whites – is there a name for it?… The perfect cake to decorate – butter holds it solid and it can be carved and handled easily, yet it is super moist when served… Bad lighting, it was 3am…

 Cheerful Topsy-Turvy for Mom Collage

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Lemon Genoise

Genoise, torted into 6 layers, gently brushed with Lemon Simple Syrup, filled with alternating layers of Vanilla Creme Chiboust and Meyer Lemon Curd, iced in whipped cream and wrapped in torn white chocolate (second attempt at chocolate wrap, too thin, I need to work on it). The cake should be called “Get a workout over your double boiler”, but it tastes so refreshingly awesome, it’s worth every minute in the making. Thank you for the recipe, jkalman!

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Books, Textbooks, Graduation

Made for the graduation of a good friend. The top book is Chambord WASC (yuk… it had the texture of marshmallows… ) with white chocolate raspberry ganache (so-so). Bottom is two Garash tortes on top of each other – thus the bulge in the middle, cake board was too big), each torte is made of respectively 6 and 7 super thin layers of flourless cake, with heavy chocolate butter-only buttercream – it was devoured in seconds!!! Cap is scratch vanilla sponge with white chocolate pastry cream and a solid white chocolate slab top.  

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3-tier Marble 

The many things that went wrong… Cake was made in 2 nights – I’d have given myself 4 for a first-time tiered cake…. It was *supposed* to be a topsy-turvy – hm… pastry cream not a good filling choice?… I resolved to boring flat, leveled and mortared but it still flooded out at a few spots…

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes

Chocolate Chips Cookie Cake w/Wrap

9-inch, 5-layer chocolate chip cookie cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate wrap. Way too many people want me to make this over and over again now… I used a soft and chewy recipe for the cookies and the mousse nicely moistens the layers so the cake slices like a regular cake, it has the texture of a cake, cut wedge does not break apart like a cookie, it is super smooth (well, with chocolate chips smooth). It also tastes surprisingly light for the amount of butter and chocolate in it…

Chocolate Chips Cake w/Wrap

Also, a 6-inch version with melted white chocolate chips, the wrap isnot smooth.

White Chocolate Chips Cookie Cake w/ White Wrap

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